When God created the body, He created it perfectly, able to heal itself. Christ healed the sick by touching them, and He said that we can do everything that He did and more. He wouldn’t have said such a thing if there was not a way!

The bioelectromagnetic system, the same one that Murai worked with, governs the well-being of the physical body. When the bioelectromagnetic system works, the body works. When it doesn’t work, then God provides the knowledge to repair it. The body already has its capacity to heal, and TKM® is simply a method that encourages the body to heal itself. That is all, and all the glory is God’s, as it is His creation and Christ provides all healing.


Notice: The information on this page may be added to or altered as any additional information may be discovered. All qualifications listed are for informational purposes only. State  laws and certification requirements vary from state to state. For any  additional information please contact the King Institute, LLC.

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