Dr. Glenn T. King and TKM®

Glenn T. King is the Founder and Director of the King Institute, LLC and Better Health Center in Frisco, Texas and holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environmental Health Science from Pacific Western University, a Masters degree in Acupuncture, a Registered and licensed Dietetics-Nutritionist from the University of the State of New York (, a Clinical Nutritionist and member of the International and American Associates of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN). Dr. King has fulfilled qualifying requirements for professional Microscopy Analysis (live and dry cell microscopy) and is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) in Evergreen, Colorado, and is a Reverend and alumnus of Ministers for Christ Outreach.

He has studied for over thirty years in diverse natural health restoration methods and disciplines including Nutrition/Diet, Herbology, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, JSJ® (Jin Shin Jyutsu®), B.E.S.T. Method, Color, Taste, Sound, Zyto, EVOX, Brain mapping, Neurointegration therapy, and Aroma Therapy among others.

The first book on “TKM®” was entitled KI-IKI JUTSU®. It was a training textbook published in 1995, written by Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN. The roots of King’s book were from the writings of Jiro Murai (a sericulture engineer) that were acquired from Japan. These writings were combined with King’s own knowledge gained from almost fanatical study, research and practice on himself and others. Thus was birthed what is known today as TKM®.

Through dedicated perseverance, resourcefulness, and obvious blessings of the Lord, King was able to digest and understand the available research provided through different sources of teaching as well as the acquired writings of Murai’s development and studies of the method, or as Murai would say “the art.” This included a variety of spin-off versions from students of Dr. Haruki Kato and Mary Mariko (Iino) Burmeister’s development and teaching of Murai’s work. Most of the spin-off versions had altered the basic foundation of Murai’s work. If basic aspects are altered, then the congruent understanding and intended effectiveness of the art is lost.

The method or art that Murai rediscovered and King seeks to protect is grounded on sound scientific principles. How it functions and affects the body is explained by physics, specifically quantum physics. As King further developed the method, he found its understanding and applications still followed the same principles set forth by Murai. King’s discoveries were made in association with input from scientists, physicists, research doctors, and biblical scholars.

In essence, King stripped the years of mysticism and mythology surrounding the method down to its core, and in doing so, discovered the fingerprints of a perfect and awesome Creator. Some of the answers and deep understanding of the method, which were not taught or found in any writings, came through prayer, seeking, asking, knocking, meditating and waiting on the Lord for answers. In this time of seeking, he received many revelations.

“The Holy Spirit has been a great teacher to me in this process,” King said. “And all He has taught me has stood-up through every scrutiny.”

The KI-IKI JUTSU® book was originally based on writings received from Japan. Dr. King had sought after these writings for almost seven years. The writings revealed a greater understanding than what he had previously learned of the method through Mary Burmeister and her only international instructors (Wayne, Philomena and Muriel) at the time.

In the early 1990s, King acquired a copy of the second set of drawings (the writings) by Murai through a Japanese couple who were business associates of King’s friend, Mr. Rick Setzer. They had been helping King with translation of communications with the Ise Jingu Shrine in Japan (Index Manager at the Grand Shrine of Ise Jingu Chokokan Historical Museum in Kuratayan, Ise City Mie Japan 516, and Mr. Yasuji Akioka, Director and Chief at the Shrine). The original documents and written records of Jiro Murai’s work were said to be archived in the shrine. They also helped him make contact with Dr. Haruki Kato.

King had studied the translated history and notes of Dr. Kato, which were more detailed and had some differences from the material and teaching of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. in the USA.

Murai had originally given a set of the same drawings to Mary Burmeister that he had given to Dr. Kato. King received his copy of the set in the early 1990s from Japan after his long search. Because of differences in understanding and teaching, there is no current communication between the late Mary Burmeister, Dr. Kato or Dr. King. Although, there is obviously communication between Mary’s son David Burmeister and Dr. Kato.

King has great admiration and respect for the work Murai accomplished in his life. He also continues to have great respect for Mary Burmeister and Dr. Kato in their respective work for what he learned as a result of their sharing.



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