Dr. Haruki Kato, Jiro Murai’s Apprentice

Dr. Kato was born prematurely (7 months) in Tokyo in January 1928. The doctors said it was miraculous that he survived.

He had many maternal relatives who were medical doctors. His grandfather was a navy doctor who studied in France at the Pasteur Institute (Meiji Era 1867-1912) and who later became head of the Navy Medical School.

While Kato was growing up, he experienced many health problems and several difficult illnesses that were thought to be due to his premature birth. Other complications followed, and he was helped by oriental medicine.

At about age 25, Kato met Murai and decided to study oriental medicine rather than following the traditional medical practice that many of his relatives had followed for generations. He became Murai’s youngest student/apprentice in 1953 and studied with him up until Murai’s death in 1960 (1961 by another account).

Dr. Kato, who is culturally the rightful successor of Jiro Murai’s art, did not teach foreign students the method. Although, recent events have presented two known occasions when Dr. Kato taught students and instructors of JSJ. One occasion was a conference in Hawaii (2002) and one 5 day course in Osaka, Japan (May 2007). This arrangement was apparently with David Burmeister. David Burmeister has since developed a friendly relationship with Dr. Kato.

Dr. Kato teaches that from a medical point of veiw, Murai’s method is highly advanced, and for this reason he has only wanted to teach licensed professionals. He also expressed concern that through the teachings of Mary Burmeister’s efforts that, as one might expect, some people have published their own versions of textbooks with varied interpretations and theories. He feels this presents a danger of very different interpretations from Jiro Murai’s intentions will become prevalent, and further danger that these forms may be imported back into Japan.



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