Finding The Truth

Dr. Kato is not a Christian and is believed to be of the Shinto faith. It is said that Mary Burmeister attended a Southern Baptist Church for many years. Therefore, it is assumed she is a Christian, although not confirmed. Her son David, now in charge of Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc., is known to follow the Buddhist faith. Jiro Murai was said to be a student of the Bible but is not known to be a Christian. No one knows what his faith was. King is a born-again Christian.

Led by his conviction as a Christian for Truth, King found through his research that there were some fundamental discrepancies in some of the teachings of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

This started with the translations and teaching of the name “Jin Shin Jyutsu” from the Kanji, or Chinese characters that the Japanese use. He researched and found that there had been several names for the method Murai taught. Murai used different names at different times in an attempt to find an appropriate name that accurately described the art. Jin Shin Jyutsu was one of the last names he used, and Murai had said “the name Jin Shin Jyutsu was still temporary.” He was searching for a more accurate description, but his death came before he made any other change. Mary Burmeister and Dr. Haruki Kato continued using the name Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

One of King’s first realizations was the Japanese characters of JSJ and JSJ, Inc.’s English translation of the last symbol to mean “art.” Depending on the usage and context it could be allowable to mean “technique”, “method”, “art” or “tactics.” Although coming from the way JSJ tends to explain things there is a tendency to mystify it as well as other aspects of the method. This may be a small discrepancy to some people, but it raised questions about literal accuracy in connotation.

After much in-depth research into Murai’s writings and his increasing understanding of the method brought about through study and prayer, King arrived at the name KI-IKI JUTSU®. This name came partly due to Murai’s writings of the method which were known as “The Method of Enhancing KI-EKI Circulation.”

Ki-Eki translated to “Energy Moving Bodily Fluids.” Jutsu means “art” or “way” and Jyutsu means “technique.” Ki’s original Japanese meaning is “life, heart, feeling.” The culture evolved and later changed the word to mean “energy,” which most people use as the current connotation. It was also culturally used by different people to represent different types of energy. This commonly occurs even in the American culture where the connotation and intent of words change over generations. “Iki” means “breath.” This was another reason why King named the method KI-IKI JUTSU®, with the connotation of “Breath of Life Art.” “Understand that the bodily energy or bioenergy is created by God,” King said.

“It is unseen (not manifested) but it governs the manifested body, which physicists and medical science researchers have proven scientifically.”

With this new naming and new discovery, in the early 1990s King separated himself from Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc, which had embraced new age philosophies that conflicted with his Christian beliefs. King established the name “Ki Iki Jutsu®” after checking this term against varied translations to test congruency, and thus formed King Institute, Inc. (dissolved in 2015), then formed King Institue, LLC and the Better Health Center in Frisco, TX.

King’s goal was to honor God in what He had created and to remain respectful to the intentions of Murai’s work. After several years of using the name Ki Iki Jutsu®, he found there were people who, because of superstitions, fear, or prejudice associated with Eastern cultures, were not open to learning about this art. To remove this barrier, he changed the name to “The King Institute Method®” or TKM®.

Further research found that some of what was claimed to be originally Japanese was actually accumulated from China and Korea, and some of those countries’ teachings came from the Greeks. The Grecian culture provided the most fundamental roots of Western medicine. The Hippocratic Oath, elements, and most pharmaceutical and medical science roots came from the Greeks.

The bioelectromagnetic energy of the body dates back before even the Greeks to the first man, Adam. Life comes from God, as well as our spirit and bioelectromagnetic energy. In the book of Genesis, when God created man, He imparted spirit and energy (Breath of life). When energy ceases to function, the person dies and the spirit departs. Do not confuse the bioelectromagnetic energy with the spirit of man. When a person dies, the spirit remains eternal, not the bioelectromagnetic energy.

This living system is an ingredient of what separated Adam from a pile of dirt and allowed his spirit to dwell in him. A hands-on reference is also found in the pages of Scripture (Mark 16:18), when Christ laid His hands on the sick and they were healed. He instructed His followers to do the same for those who were sick. Healing is a gift from God!

Although never denying the Asian roots, King presented more of the American terminology and explained the true science and physics understanding to students and clients. He found that much caution due to a lack of knowledge about “Eastern” medicine (prejudice due to ignorance) was still very ingrained in American minds.

It is interesting that he found similar responses from the Asian-American community due to the influences of Western medicine.

There has also been a huge negative connatation on any relation to the word “energy” in the US and many parts of the world due to the New Age movement and use of the same word for many of their practices.

He learned that people were not so much interested in the history of TKM®, as they were in how it could help. So instead of triggering the unwarranted fears in some people by explaining the history of the method, he gave them what they were seeking – help!  And many received it.

“Some people asked about the times that I don’t look at any book when working on someone in a session or a hands-on class,” King said. “And I have been asked what I was doing when they recognized that I wasn’t applying any sequences in the books. I try to convey that once you’ve gained a better understanding of the body’s energy circulation and how it responds, then you can often go beyond the basic applications, powerful as they may be, and directly help the particular need of the person (the particular energy congestion they are expressing) to usually obtain more expedient and longer lasting results. This you cannot learn from any books, and that is how I developed over 40 percent of the applications and some of the Emergency Integrative Medicine Techniques that are presented in King Institute literature.”



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