God, the Creator and Healer of Mankind

Over the years, a few misinformed individuals thought that King had simply changed Jiro Murai’s method and put a “Christian twist” on it. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

TKM® is in no way a religion. King’s personal faith in Christ is simply that: personal. TKM® will work for anyone of any faith.

However, King’s research has revealed to him that the bioelectromagnetic system of the body truly is the work of a masterful and powerful Creator. Science, if anything, has proven that this is something that cannot evolve from a single-cell organism but must be crafted by the Master Craftsman Himself.

Much revelation of TKM® has come to King through prayer and meditation, and therefore he gives all the glory to God. That is the way he uses TKM® to help others and that is how he teaches others to use it.

Therefore, TKM®’s source, origin and true creator is God. That is why he gives God all the glory before he even recognizes the accomplishments of any man, including Murai. King believes God had a purpose for Mr. Iino and his daughter, Mary Burmeister, as well as for Haruki Kato, whether they know or acknowledge Him or not.

But the fact remains that the art which Murai taught is not the same as what Dr. Kato has taught, nor is it the same as what Mary Burmeister taught. Each of their styles and philosophies vary greatly. Dr. Kato has been known to implement other modalities from his scholastic training,

King’s understanding of the method was arrived at through a series of revelations from the beginning. His in-depth research and study drew him closer to God for understanding. In studying the creation, he came to understand and grow closer to the Creator.

Dispite being confronted with multiple challenges over the years, God has always confirmed to King that He is leading and that King should follow Him. In this journey, he has seen hundreds of people spared from death and thousands of lives changed. But even still, if God decided to take King in a completely new direction tomorrow, he would not hesitate to leave his practice just as Simon, who was later called Peter, dropped the fish net to answer the call: “Follow Me.”

Although thousands have been healed (some from medically incurable diseases or genetic disorders) through his work or teaching of the method and its use, King does not claim to be a healer and says that TKM® is not a healing method. It is just a means to help the body function as God created it to function and heal itself. It is about God’s creation and design working properly. And that, King says, is the BEST medicine that he can offer!

If we want to change or save our lives, then it is important to know how life in our bodies works and to check that knowledge with the congruency of our Creator and His word. That is the point. In classes and in practice, King welcomes all who come for help or learning, openly, and with loving concern for them.

“It is the Christian way,” he said. “I do not try to convert or save anyone in a class or during treatment sessions, unless they let me know that is what they are seeking. Even then I allow God to lead me. I may do that anytime outside of the work environment, but not in the work environment unless God so leads me.”



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