Jiro Murai

Jiro Murai was born in Taiseiji Village (present day Kaga City ) Ishikawa prefecture in 1886 into a family of generational doctors. He died in 1960 at age 74. Jiro Murai is the man known to be responsible for the most in-depth study and development of the current method. At age 26 he became fatally ill. No doctor, not even his father or brother, also physicians, could cure him of his illness. He finally requested to be brought to the deep mountains to die alone.

At that time, it is said (in one account) that he recalled a method that he had learned earlier and began sitting in specific positions and holding his fingers. In another account, it is said that he recalled stories heard as a child and applied similar methods each day as he could muster the strength. In either account, during his critical and weakened state, he applied only this method of sitting positions and holding particular fingers and he was healed miraculously on the seventh day and walked down from the mountain.

Later, on three separate occasions, Murai made drawings of the energy pathways of the body and applications he had “rediscovered” over decades of intensive study so that he would have a record. Although he never came up with a definitive name for his method, after using several including The Method of Enhancing KI-EKI Circulation®, Murai said that the final name was yet to be determined.

Murai lived in a rural area and only visited Tokyo about once a month to practice his method and give instructions in his lectures. Most of his students were elderly friends and relatives of those who provided their homes for his lectures. Murai demonstrated his methods and techniques on the students. There were always more who came to be treated than to listen to his teaching. Very few felt a commitment to treat others and disseminate his teaching.

Murai had told his last apprentice, Haruki Kato, “This is a kind of medical practice. To practice this in Japan, which is a law-governed country, one needs to obtain an official license with which to practice medicine. What I am teaching now is only home therapy; it is first-aid until I come and give treatments.” Murai told Kato not to study any other forms of medicine until he provides permission. It would confuse you to learn other disciplines before you have learned the basic understandings of this one.”

Haruki Kato, after three years of study with Murai and being dedicated to his teachings, was permitted by Murai to go to school and become licensed. Kato had now learned the basics and continued to study with Murai as he attended school. Through this time Murai was teaching Kato the differences from what he was learning in school and what Murai was teaching him.

Dr. Kato became a licensed physician and continued his apprenticeship under Murai, which lasted eight years.



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